Treatment Options for Morbid Obesity

One statistic frequently used about the treatment of obesity is that 95 percent of people who lose weight gain it all back. That statistic, based on a small study since 1959, is no longer valid. Much has changed in the form of obesity treatment since then.Thousands of people who have succeeded in weight loss and keeping it that way – a fact that encourages many who are discouraged by outdated information. There are different types of effective treatment options for managing weight including: diet therapy, physical activity, behavioral therapy, drug therapy, combined therapy and surgery.A New Life.  A new YOU!  Click here to get started!

 Weight loss of about 10 percent excess body weight is a proven health benefit by reducing many risk factors related to obesity. Recommendations for treatment are now focusing on 10 percent weight loss to help patients with long-term weight loss maintenance. Health professionals including physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, bariatric psychologists and surgeons help people with excess weight and obesity to determine the most appropriate treatment.