The LAP-BAND Surgical Procedure

How it works:

By creating a smaller gastric pouch, the LAP-BAND system limits the amount of food the stomach will sustain at any time. The inflatable ring controls the flow of food from this smaller bag to the rest of the digestive tract. The patient will feel comfortably filled with a small amount of food. And because of slow emptying, the patient will continue to feel full for several hours, which reduces the urge to eat between meals.

The operation:

The idea behind the operation is to create a small bag in the upper part of the stomach with a controlled and adjustable stoma, without stapling, thereby limiting food intake.

A gastric device is introduced through tiny incisions (1cm) into the abdomen and placed around the upper part of the stomach. The resulting bag (or “new stomach”) dramatically reduces the functional capacity of the stomach. The band has a balloon from the inside that is adjustable and can reduce the size of the stoma, thus prolonging the period of fullness.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and can last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The band accommodates around the highest part of the stomach, forming a small bag of 15cc. It is designed to be inflated or deflated at any time after the operation. This helps the patient continually lose weight until they reach their goals. The restriction takes place in the radiology room and normally takes 15 minutes. This simple procedure is painless, saline is injected into a port placed under the skin on the wall of the stomach. The tube coming out of the band leads to the port.


Advantages of gastric banding:

  • No cut of the stomach
  • The stomach is not stapled
  • Calibrated pouch and stoma size
  • Can be adjusted to the needs of the patient after surgery without the operation of adjusting the stoma
  • Laparoscopic removal possible
  • Completely reversible
  • Short stay in the hospital (does not exceed 48 hours)

The gastric adjustable band system of LAP-BAND ®

The LAP-BAND Adjustable Band Gastric System (LAGB®) is designed to induce weight loss in severely obese patients by limiting food consumption. The sliding design by the buckle band facilitates laparoscopic placement around the stomach.The bandage forms a small gastric pouch and stoma. No cut is required or stapled the stomach and there is no deviation of portions of the stomach or intestines.